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Chart your progress toward the four transformation objectives

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Chart your progress toward the four transformation objectives


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Transitioning to zero or net-zero-carbon operations

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Low-carbon supply chain

Transitioning to suppliers and distribution methods with lower carbon footprints

Energy use

Switching to renewable energy sources to power all aspects of the business

Electrified and low-carbon production

Electrifying operations to benefit from renewable energy sources

Operational and embodied carbon

Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions during production and use of assets

Carbon metrics

Considering carbon risk in all strategic and operational decision-making


Using technology to make operations faster and smarter

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Industry 4.0

Identifying the most appropriate technology to optimize operations

Informed decisions and processes

Applying digitalization, analytics, and AI to enhance strategy and operations


Capitalizing on emerging thinking about technology and other trends

Digital ethics

Establishing rules for the ethical use of AI and automation technology

Holistic impact

Understanding the full consequences of operations

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Education and skills

Upskilling employees to ensure a business thrives in the new economy

Employee wellbeing

Creating a healthier and more productive environment for employees

Impact monitoring

Measuring the success of transformation initiatives across the business

Goal setting

Defining practical objectives and KPIs that achieve positive transformation

Prioritizing resilient value chains

Implementing measures that protect the business from shocks

Resource efficiency

Making operations more efficient and regenerative

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Purchasing used materials

Identifying ways to incorporate waste materials from other processes

Materials efficiency

Designing products and processes that use resources more economically

Reducing waste

Transforming processes to minimize the generation of waste materials

Strategy and product design

Enhancing customer satisfaction while optimizing commercial operations

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