Future of mobility

Experience a day in 2030 to see how your business can benefit from the opportunities shaping transportation.

Our four scenarios explore the ways in which the transportation of people and goods is being affected by the decade’s essential transformation objectives of decarbonization, digitalization, holistic impact, and resource efficiency.


Travelling light

My local train station is a vibrant travel hub where people arrive in electric cars and driverless buses, and leave in hydrogen-powered trains.

This refurbished net-zero station is part of a new high-speed rail link that carries me to the city center in just under 15 minutes.

People are encouraged to ‘charge and ride’ using one of the many electric charging stations powered by an on-site solar park.

The solar park is part of our local renewable microgrid that also draws energy from nearby geothermal and biomass plants.

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Resource efficiency

New beginnings

With more electric vehicles on the roads, places like this are being retasked to serve the community in new ways.

Most of my neighbors get groceries delivered to the door by the many autonomous vehicles that operate from this hub.

I’m here to pick up a replacement car battery from the fabrication service, which prints most requests to order within 24 hours.

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Route planning

In the busy mobility zone of the city terminal, I use my smart travel app to plan the best route to my office.

Travel apps are much more integrated nowadays, and even tell me how much CO2 my journey produces.

Today, the app recommends a driverless ridesharing service as the metro has delays and rain is expected in the next half hour.

The travel app automatically synchronizes with my company’s carbon scheme to track progress toward our net-zero target.

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Holistic impact

Low-carbon working

Our company encourages home working as it saves travel costs and helps to make the most of our carbon allowance.

Home working gives me a much better work-life balance since our family decided to move from the city to a small town.

New productivity apps make it much easier to collaborate online, with some even using augmented and virtual reality.

This area has changed a lot since we moved here, and most local amenities are now within a 15-minute walk or cycle ride.

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